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How the Kate Morgan Program Works

The Kate Morgan Weight Loss Program combines the best of all weight loss programs; a scientifically balanced meal replacement program with one-on-one support from a trained Kate Morgan Weight Loss Consultant. Kate Morgan also endorses a 5-Ways approach to weight loss to help you not only lose weight but keep it off. Adhereing to the simple 5-Ways approach will encourage your body to burn fat as its energy source while you change your eating habits.

The Kate Morgan 5-Ways for weight loss are:

Whilst on the Kate Morgan Weight Loss Program, you will replace two meals with a delicious and nutritious meal replacement (usually in place of breakfast and lunch), have allowed snacks in between and enjoy a healthy and delicious evening meal that you prepare yourself. 

Kate Morgan Meal Replacement formulas are heavily fortified with all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay healthy while you are losing weight. Our meal replacement range is extensive and varied so you can be assured you will have plenty of choice. This level of choice extends to our evening meals - there are over 80 recipes for  you to choose from!

Simple, balanced and affordable, the Kate Morgan program goes the extra distance to add delicious good taste to its soun scientific nutritional structure.

Here's what a typical day looks like on the program: Breakfast - 1 Kate Morgan Meal Replacement Formula Morning Tea - 1 Piece of Fruit (refer list) Lunch - 1 Kate Morgan Meal Replacement Formula. 1 Fresh Salad (optional) Afternoon Tea - 1 Piece of Fruit (refer list) Dinner - 1 Serve of Protein (refer list) AND 3 Cups of Vegetables or Salad Snack - 1 per day

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